Constructed in 1914, the Allen Farmhaus has witnessed and played a part of history in our gorgeous town for over 100 years. 

In 2007, our family, also with deep New Braunfels roots, purchased the land. Distantly related to the Allens, our family was happy to continue on their legacy and play a role in preserving New Braunfels’ past. We continued to work the land and leave it to be enjoyed by those passing by. Our family truly understood there is a rare peace to be enjoyed in the country and this was our slice of it.

Belonging to the Allen Family, this charming estate fostered and nurtured multiple generations and branches of the family.

We grew up on a four generation family farm in New Braunfels ourselves. 

We know there is something special about the beautiful, wide open spaces of the Texas hill country. I mean heck, the Dixie Chicks made a song about it! After moving away to the Northeast for college, we felt a pull to be closer to each other and to the place we love and call home.

We moved back to New Braunfels in 2015 to start renovating the farmhaus that sat vacant and longing to be loved. We decided to turn The Allen Farmhaus into a place where new family legacies could begin and where we could make couples' wedding day dreams come true.

We are honored to walk alongside you as you begin the next chapter of your journey and become part of The Allen Farmhaus family.

Love, Cassie & Maitlyn


Construction began on an open air chapel so that our couples could enjoy a beautiful space to hold their wedding ceremony


The Bridal Suite received a facelift, making it more modern and vibrant.  

Construction started in October of 2015 to renovate the 102 year old farmhaus, garage, and smokehouse into a stunning venue

The large indoor reception barn was completed to finalize the last missing piece to make the property ready for weddings

The final addition to the Chapel was completed, featuring a real Church steeple from Alice, Texas and large 8ft stained glass windows.  






The legacy of The Allen Farmhaus is over 100 years in the making, but here's what we've been up to the last few years

"Cassie and Maitlyn are absolutely amazing and treat everyone with grace, humility and kindness."

"This venue will become a significant part of your life, your story, your heart."

- meradith & jj

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Don't just take our word for it, we invite you to come see the magic of our stunning venue for yourself! You'll enjoy a personal tour by Cassie or Maitlyn themselves as you tour all of the amazing spaces The Allen Farmhaus has to offer. We know that once you see it for yourself, you'll fall in love with this place just like we did.